Analytic tools and solutions can provide meaningful insight and business value into customer engagement and the Contact Centre​. Analytics and real-time data can be used in conjunction with Machine Learning to provide instantaneous responses that improve the customer experience. We are able to assist our clients in deploying analytic tools and solutions that provide meaningful insight and business value into their Contact Centre. Avran believes in the Art of the Possible and can support clients in obtaining the required Business Intelligence by understanding the data and performing the relevant analysis.

Amazon Transcribe (Automatic Speech Recognition), Amazon Comprehend (Natural Language Processing), Amazon Athena (Data Analysis) and Amazon Redshift (Data Warehouse) are powerful tools that can provide a competitive edge in improving customer experience and improving the efficiency of resources. Real-Time Entity, Keyword and Sentiment Analysis give businesses valuable data that can transform the customer journey.​

Next-Gen Contact Centre

The benefits of enhanced analytics include:

  • Detailed performance management
  • Enhanced data warehousing and analytics
  • Automating scorecards and highlighting coaching
  • Measuring customer emotions and sentiment analysis – relaying information about customer emotion/stress level
  • Building a 360-degree view of the customer journey​
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Utilise the AWS Eco-System and tools such as Amazon Sagemaker to build,train and deploy machine learning models. Take advantage of:

  • Identifying sales opportunities​ and reacting quickly to competitor offers​
  • Evaluating the performance of marketing and sales campaigns​
  • Predictive analytics – pinpointing next-best action​
  • Building a knowledge base​ and identifying the root cause of problems​
  • Maximising the efficiency of the support queue​​ and streamlining processes​
  • Removing the reliance of Contact Centres on surveys​ and preventing follow-up calls​
  • ​Extending cross-channel insight​
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