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Rapid COVID-19 Response – Public Sector 

The UK COVID-19 lockdown was implemented at very short notice and led to the mass shutdown of places of work. Many organisations including local councils which provide essential services to the community were forced to send staff home. Yavari Capital approached Avran with an immediate need to provide remote working capability for contact centre staff at a London based local council. Avran was able to rapidly provide voice capability for home based council staff so that service users could maintain contact for essential services.

Local London Borough Council

The end client was a large London based council with employees working from a number of different buildings. The Council provides the typical range of local government services including Rubbish Collection, Economic Development, Children’s Health Services, Revenues, Property, Welfare and Homelessness Prevention. Many of the services are key and came under increasing pressure during the COVID-19 crisis


COVID-19 Challenge

Voice contact into the council is essential as many services require agent interaction and can often be of a sensitive nature. The council has enterprise based Contact Centre and Back Office Telephony systems which had no easily deployable and cost efficient remote working capability. The council had a challenge in that enabling remote working solutions on the existing systems had technical limitations as well as capacity and licensing issues. The enabling of the solutions also required a large amount of professional services effort. The council was in a situation where it could not answer calls from service users, which had increased significantly because of COVID, without sending employees into the office and risking their safety.


Why Amazon Connect ?

The Amazon Connect platform allows rapid deployment and gives clients the ability to respond quickly to changing demands. There are no hardware or scalability limitations and there is a pay-as you-go model which gives clients greater flexibility. The services can be scaled back or shutdown at anytime.

The Amazon Connect platform was a perfect fit for the challenge as deployment is rapid and the financial commitment small in terms of professional services effort and run costs.


Why Avran ?

Avran worked with Yavari Capital who have a long standing relationship with the council and had previously implemented many of the Contact Centre Systems. Avran was chosen by Yavari Capital because of the extensive experience we have in the Contact Centre industry and our unrivalled knowledge of legacy enterprise systems and Amazon Connect. Avran was chosen because of our history of solution delivery and client satisfaction.


The Solution

The existing Contact Centre and Back Office systems have associated PSTN infrastructure, DDI delivery and IVR functionality which needed to be maintained. Avran proposed that new DDIs were provisioned on the Amazon Connect platform. Each DDI would provide a contact flow playing out a welcome and queue message before delivering the call to an agent skill group. The existing Telephony platform would be re-configured to divert the call to the relevant Amazon Connect DDI and Queue. The remote agents were built on the Amazon Connect platform and provided the required training on the use of the Amazon Call Control panel. In the case where the remote agent was unable to take the call via the browser-based soft phone (VPN restrictions or personal laptop issues) the desk phone option was used to re-direct the call to a mobile or landline phone.

Supervisor training was also provided so that Department heads could extract reports related to DDI, Queue and Agent activity.


Results and Benefits

The council were able to provide remote worker voice connectivity and continue to provide essential services to residents. These services were vitally important during the COVID-19 crisis and enabled the council to provide a level of continuity which they would not have been able to do with the existing legacy enterprise systems.


Next Steps

Avran and Yavari Capital continue to work with the Council in monitoring the platform and provisioning new services when required. The success of the Amazon Connect deployment in meeting the immediate requirement has proved that the technology is capable of being rapidly deployed and is cost-effective. Avran and Yavari Capital will continue to explore the wider implementation of Amazon Connect and the AWS Eco-system.

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