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We accept the below payment methods

Refund Policy

Committed Subscriptions –  The purchaser makes a commitment in advance to acquire the cloud based service developed by Avran. The commitment will be for the subscription ‘Term’ offered and the purchaser will pay upfront or on a periodic basis in advance of use. The purchaser is able to give notice in advance of the end of the subscription ‘Term’ if they want to terminate earlier. The notice period will be dependent on the length of the subscription ‘Term’ offered and will be detailed in the release notes of the particular product. The purchaser will be entitled to a proportionate refund of the remaining ‘Term’ post the end of the notice period. An administrative charge may apply also.

Consumption Based Offering (Pay-As-You-Go). The purchaser pays based on actual usage of the service. The usage may be defined based on the volume of transactions, data, users or calls. There is no subscription ‘Term’ commitment required from purchasers and they are able to terminate usage of the services without notice at anytime by shutting down the service. No refunds will be available for previously consumed services.

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