Evolve Your Contact Centre with Avran

  • Migrate to the Amazon Connect cloud contact centre platform
  • Utilise different customer communication channels (Voice, WebChat, SMS, Social, Email)
  • Automate customer interactions and workflows with natural language understanding and advanced CRM integration to Salesforce, ServiceNow, MS Dynamics and other industry leading CRMs
  • Exploit real-time and historic data analytics for enhanced business intelligence
  • Use customer satisfaction as a metric for success rather than traditional metrics
  • Supercharge your contact centre with the AWS Eco-System

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Become Agile in your Contact Centre

  • Cloud based fully managed AWS service – No requirement for knowledge of proprietary vendor software or infrastructure​
  • Shift from traditional ops and dev model – develop against published APIs – hardware and licencing no longer required​
  • Iterative approach focusing on collaboration, customer feedback and small rapid releases.​
  • Enables organisations to create multi-skilled teams accountable for end-to-end servicing of customer contacts​
  • Encourage experimentation and re-assign resources to more complex tasks​
  • Increase employee satisfaction and subsequently customer satisfaction​
  • AWS Marketplace supplying wealth of innovative and cutting-edge contact centre products
  • Focus on constant delivery and operational/business readiness to react dynamically to changing business requirements ​

Contact Centre Transformation – Amazon Connect

Customer Experience Reimagined

Rapid Deployment

Pay As You Go

Scalable & Elastic


AI & Natural Language

Open Platform

Business Analytics

Secure & Compliant

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