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What is Self-Service ?
What is Sentiment Analysis ?
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What is Service Cloud Voice ?

An 'out of the box' integration providing cloud based PSTN and ACD capability​ for Salesforce agents. The Amazon Connect voice channel functions in unison with web and social channels via an embedded telephony soft-client within the salesforce agent experience. Screen pop ups within the salesforce desktop provide the context of calls and information including customer details and case history​. Agents can also click to dial a number within their contacts. Supervisors have access to real-time views of call routing, agent calls and the ability to be notified of calls in progress that may require assistance or coaching. Easy access to Amazon Connect capabilities such as intelligent call routing, Natural Language IVR (Amazon Lex), voice recording and sentiment analysis. The ability to build personal and dynamic customer experiences based on data retrieved from CRM via API calls​.

How much does Service Cloud Voice cost ?

Service Cloud Voice licensing is purchased from Salesforce. Contact your Salesforce representative for pricing. List pricing is available here

Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect Pricing -

What are the benefits of Service Cloud Voice ?

Simplify Contact Centre telephony purchasing, setup and management. Legacy PBX/Contact Centre equipment can be removed along with the need to jump between unconnected platforms.
Provide an enhanced customer service and employee engagement experience by enabling integrated workflow capabilities between Amazon Connect and Salesforce
Effectively route and resolve customer issues​ by increased self-service using A.I and automation​
Store and report on all voice and digital contacts within the Salesforce console

What is Amazon Connect?

An easy to use, Omnichannel cloud-based Contact Center. Amazon Connect helps businesses of all sizes deliver an enhanced customer experience at lower cost. . The underlying technology for Amazon Connect has been used by Amazon customer service executives around the world to power millions of customer conversations for over a decade. Built on the AWS public cloud, it has built-in high availability, dynamic scaling and global reach. The Amazon Connect service is evergreen so there are no upgrade costs and customers don't need any knowledge of the underlying proprietary vendor software or infrastructure.​

How much does Amazon Connect cost ?

Amazon Connect is a pay-as-you-go cloud contact center service offering capabilities including telephony, chat, task management, customer profiles, and caller authentication, all powered by machine learning (ML). There are no required upfront payments, long-term commitments, or minimum monthly fees.

Amazon Connect costs can be found here

Cloud Contact Center Service – Amazon Connect Pricing – Amazon Web Services

How does Amazon Connect work with the AWS Eco-System ?

Easy integration with other AWS cloud services is a big differentiator in comparison to other Contact Centre platforms. Amazon Connect is an open API driven platform which is built to integrate. These AWS services can be easily accessed to build solutions. Examples include triggering an action to send a text message in a contact flow for proactively updating a customer using Amazon Pinpoint or accessing cloud data bases using Dynamo DB. There are many AWS services which integrate with Amazon Connect and this can be of particular value to organisations that are already using these AWS services for building and hosting business applications.

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