ServiceNow Voice

Integrate Amazon Connect and ServiceNow

Use AI Powered Voice for Unrivalled Customer Service

ServiceNow Voice

Native Voice Channel
Remove legacy Telephony systems and integrate all voice and digital messaging interactions within the ServiceNow user interface
The Power of AWS
Utilise Amazon Connect features like intelligent call routing, Amazon Lex, voice recording and sentiment analysis
Agent Enhancement
Provide an embedded telephony soft client, with screen pop ups providing the context of call and information including customer details and case history​.
Integrated Reporting
Enable supervisors to have real-time visibility of call routing, agent calls and the ability to be notified of calls in progress that may require assistance or coaching.

Why Use Amazon Connect with ServiceNow ?

Build a Seamless Customer and Agent Experience

The capabilities of Amazon Connect and ServiceNow enable you to build a personalised and dynamic customer journey from voice call to resolution.


Agent Experience


Average Handle Time


Agent Productivity


Contact Centre Purchasing

ServiceNow Voice with Amazon Connect Demo

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ServiceNow Voice with Amazon Connect - “Small Business Package”

Avran offers ServiceNow Voice deployment services at very competitive prices
Discovery and Requirement Definition
We will assess the current estate and provide a technical evaluation and deployment options
Solution Design and Documentation
We will design and document the solution to include agreed IVR and contact flows
ServiceNow Voice Build and Test
We will build an Amazon Connect instance and integrate it with ServiceNow according to the agreed design
Go-Live Support
We will support go system go live and any number porting

Questions and Answers

You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here, so feel free to send us a message if you do not find what you are looking for.
What are the benefits of ServiceNow Voice ?
  • Personalised customer journeys and integrated workflows with API calls into ServiceNow or back-end systems
  • Engage via voice-based interactions using natural language to create a case, update and check case status, and speak with an agent.
  • Embedded client within the ServiceNow desktop enabling users to answer omni-channel contacts through a single interface.
  • Inbound screen pop ups providing ServiceNow user with context of contact. ServiceNow users can rapidly access customer information including customer details and case history.
  • Store voice and digital interactions within ServiceNow
  • Make outbound calls to connect with a customer and automatically capture interaction details and simplify data entry.
  • Review call transcripts, sentiments, and recordings to explore coaching opportunities for agents. (Transcription and Sentiment services need to be enabled)
How much does ServiceNow Voice cost ?

Service Cloud Voice licensing is purchased from Salesforce. Contact your Salesforce representative for pricing. List pricing is available here

Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect Pricing -

What is ServiceNow Voice with Amazon Connect ?

ServiceNow Voice allows 3rd party Telephony systems to be integrated in the ServiceNow instance. This integration merges ServiceNow's robust workflow and incident management capabilities with Amazon Connect's sophisticated voice and call routing system. The result is a unified communication solution that streamlines customer interactions, automates workflows, and improves efficiency. This fusion not only boosts agent productivity and call management efficiency but also offers rich data analytics, leading to personalized customer support and improved overall service quality. The cloud-based nature of both platforms ensures scalability, flexibility, and robust security, making this integration a powerful tool for modern customer service management.

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